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Campaign to stay healthy and get fit and its free

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FAQ Obesity Campaign

Our Motto:

"Plant based food & active lifestyle is essential for perfect body weight".

What is New Obesity Campaign UK?

Launched on May 27th, 2010, New Obesity Campaign UK is going to be the biggest ever interactive weight loss campaign to overcome growing obesity problem in the UK.

According to department of health (UK), In 2005, 22% of English men and 24% of women were classified as obese and over the last 25 years, the number of people classed as either overweight or obese in England has tripled according to the UK government Foresight program.

Obesity is one of the major reasons for various diseases like heart disease, diabetes, back pain, cancer, arthritis and breathlessness, etc.

The campaign is to help people lose their weight and live a healthy life.


Q: What are the goals of the Obesity campaign UK?

(a) Educate people on how to lose weight.

(b) Motivate people.

(c) Let people develop healthy relationship with their food.

(d) Let people start living an active lifestyle in larger numbers in the UK.

Q) Why should I join Free Membership ?

Similar weight loss membership program by other commercial organizations are around £300 a year however we are delighted to run this obesity campaign absolutely free for all our members.

Members receive fortnightly email which contain:

(a) Weight Loss tips.

(b) Motivating messeges.

(c) Celebrities secret to stay slim.

and of course (d) Free access to all the content on obesity campaign site.

To get free membership all you need to do it to simply register yourself by creating an account.

Creating an account will take hardly 1 minutes and after than you can use your user name and password to log in to view all the content.

                                            It is absolutely free with no string attached.:) ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

Q: How much weight can I expect to lose?

The results will vary depending upon individual's personal weight history, body composition, level/frequency of physical activity, diet among other factors.

Generally one to two pounds per week is considered as the healthy weight loss.

Q: How long should I need to stay with the Obesity Campaign UK?

Till you achieve your objective.:-)

Q: How do I keep the weight off?

First you learn to lose weight and then you will also learn how to keep it off. However the common sense answer is healthy lifestyle should be for the life and your weight will always be off.

Q: How much calorie should I take every day?

It will depend upon person to person, their lifestyle. However we focus on eating the right food and you would never have to worry about counting the calories.

Q: How often should I weigh in?

Once a week.

Weight should be measure at a same time (preferably in the morning).

Q: How much does Obesity campaign UK cost?

(a) Membership worth £300 a year is absolutely free for all members. Members receive fortnighly emails containing (a) Weight Loss tips (b) Motivating messeges (c) Celebrities secret to stay slim and of course (d) Free access to all the content on obesity campaign site. In addition member can learn to make their own personalised weight loss plan to begin their fight against obesity.

(b) Weight loss seminars / workshop - The usual cost to our half day weight loss seminar is £100 (each person) however that would also be free if you are a member of any of our support group. i.e. Fitness club  or subscriber of any of our supporter media group

You need to contact your magazine or the health club manager for the same.You can have a look at our list of obesity campaign supporters.

Q Should I join any fitness club or take up fitness magazine subscription?

Our experience shows us that it is easier to lose weight when you try in a group. So when you read about weight loss magazine and visit frequently to fitness clubs, it motivates you and can leads you towards healthy life style which is our aim.

In addition you are getting all the other support complimentary.i.e. £100 seminar fee is waived off because of our supporters.

Q: Can I do the program if I travel a lot?


Q. How our program different?

(a) Unlike other program where your foods is shipped and took 3 business days at your home ,we focus on eating fresh food where ever you are.

You don’t have to worry about your diet when you travel as we recommend fresh food available anywhere.

(b) We have live interactive seminars conducted by Subodh Gupta himself.

(c) It is free i.e. there are no charges to join this campaign except you need to commit yourself by joining any fitness club or taking membership of any our members weight loss related magazines.

(d) Video from Subodh himself to motivate.

(e) Fortnightly motivating messages.

(f) Communities to support.

Q. What can you tell me about your food?

A: There are three key factors for healthy eating:

(a) Fresh food, high in fiber content.

(b) Variety.

(c) Moderation.

Q. Are any vitamins or supplements required?

We don’t recommend any vitamins or supplements.

Q. Can I eat out at restaurants?

A: Yes. Our menus provide you the flexibility of being able to eat at a restaurant.

Q. Do I need to give up alcohol?

It is suggested to limit your consumption of alcohol.

Q: Should I avoid carbohydrates or take low carb diet?

No. Restrictive diets, such as low-carb diets, can be difficult to follow for very long.

Q: Can I eat pasta?

Yes. You can even eat cake in moderation.

Q: How much exercise will I need to do?

On average, 60 minutes a day physical activity ( you can also break it up in 3@ 20 minutes session) is good to begin with. The physical activity can be a combination of walking, yoga, pilates, swim, etc.


Q. Where can I start ?

We would like you to start here http://www.obesitycampaign.co.uk/weight-loss-program-for-me.html with step 1 and move on to step 2 and 3.

Identify where you need improvement and add that change in your life. Identify maximum 3 changes at a time to adopt in your life for a week.

Once you make them part of your routine then add another. It's a contineous process of improvement.

We are publishing every second day interviews of weight loss experts, celebrities and fitness models. Read about there lifestyle and their fitness secrets how they keep themselves healthy.


Do  you provide one on one support?

Should there be any query, please post it to the weight loss forum http://www.obesitycampaign.co.uk/weight-loss-forum.html somebody from our team would certainly reply within 24 hours.

Please note: This is free campaign and all our staff are working for free. It is not possible to provide one on one email support .Hope this helps.Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.


How many glasses of water do you drink per day?

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