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Home News Tongue Patch for Weight Loss is joke, try Meditation: Subodh Gupta

Tongue Patch for Weight Loss is joke, try Meditation: Subodh Gupta

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Summary: According to the celebrity yoga trainer and holistic health consultant Subodh Gupta, new tongue patch method to lose weight is joke instead one should try meditation for weight loss.

Subodh Gupta celebrity yoga trainer

Sometimes it seems so strange that when simple and effective methods are available to lose weight than why people are still looking for dangerous and complicated method which are not only painful but also expensive?

Already various kinds of weight loss surgeries are available in the market which are not needed in the first place and now a new painful method has surfaced- sewing the tongue by plastic patch and surprising many are opting for it.

The patch is tied to the tongue with six stitches which makes consuming solid food painful so the users are forced to take liquid-only diet.

Users also experience swelling of the tongue and difficulty with speech and many as a result have trouble sleeping and difficulty moving their tongue at all.

To make the matter worse patch can only be worn for a maximum of one month and perhaps one need to replace after that.

The most important reason why people fail to lose weight is because of the lack of will power or lack of determination. 

Meditation can actually help to stay focussed and determined so that one can reach his/her weight-loss goals. After meditation one can feel more balanced and calm. This enables one to be in the right mood to exercise and helps to avoid emotional overeating. 

Important point to remember is that all of our physical actions begin as a thought in our mind first and when strong enough, then only transform into physical activity.

Meditation is an wonderful activity which can changes you from the inside out. Instead of forcing yourself not to eat the doughnut in between meals, the very desire to eat it will vanish. Meditation will bring the right mindset and living a healthy life will become your natural choice, effortlessly.

Issued in the public interest by Obesity campaign UK.

weight loss bookSubodh Gupta is the author of the weight loss book, “7 habits of skinny woman”.  


and "Simplified yoga for Backacke"


He has been interviewed by various TV channels and his views and articles appear regularly in magazines and newspapers such as Telegraph UK, Times UK, Marie Clare, The Economics Times, London Paper, etc. in India and the UK.



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