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Home News Gastric bands for 13-year-olds is a dangerous step by NHS - Subodh Gupta

Gastric bands for 13-year-olds is a dangerous step by NHS - Subodh Gupta

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Summary: According to celebrity yoga trainer Subodh Gupta, Gastric bands for 13-year-by NHS is a dangerous initiative which could have been easily solved by active life style and healthy food habits.

Celebrity Trainer Subodh Gupta

The numbers of people going for weight loss surgery have increased manifold in the 10 years and new guidelines will make millions more eligible. (The number of people offered obesity related surgery has risen from 509 people in 2003 to 24,440 over the past three years including 13 and 14-year-old boys).


Three million people suffer from Type 2 diabetes which is linked to weight gain and the operation reduce the size of a patient’s stomach so they physically cannot overeat and the NHS about £6,000 a time. Obesity related illnesses becoming the time bomb because of unhealthy food. As per the new guidelines from the NI Health and Care Excellence, up to a million more people could be offered weight-loss surgery, on the NHS.

It is strange that in many developing and under develop nations people are suffering because of hunger and in the advance nation such the UK and USA people are losing their health because of over eating and unhealthy food. Our body is made up of the food which we eat in our day to day life and if we are obese or overweight at the moment that means the food which we are eating is not healthy. It is that simple.


Unfortunately the marketing of unhealthy junk food is so powerful that people in the end ending up eating up unhealthy food.


Issued in public interest by Obesity Campaign UK.



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