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Home News Yoga as part of education in India: RSS

Yoga as part of education in India: RSS

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Praising the United Nation move to name June 21 as the ‘International Day of Yoga’, RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) has urged that steps should be taken to promote Yoga in the social life by including it in the educational curriculum in India. RSS  top decision and policy-making body, Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) has passed a resolution on this.

Speaking on this occasion celebrity yoga trainer Subodh Gupta said, "Introducing yoga as a part of educational curriculam is a very good initiative to promote health and is in the national interest." He added "most of the anxiety and ill health in the human body are the results of stress and tension and yoga provide a safe and effective solution."

The ABPS urged the Union and state governments to introduce yoga as a part of the curriculum in education, support research in yoga and take all possible efforts for promoting yoga in social life. ABPS also appealed to “all the countrymen, including swayamsevaks, people of Bharatiya origin and yoga followers” to endeavour earnestly for spreading yoga for making the globe happy, healthy and sustainable.

RSS resolution also mentioned that “Yoga is Bharat’s civilisational contribution to the world.”

Proposal for an International Yoga Day by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his UN General Assembly speech last year had received an unprecedented response. Yoga is not limited to physical exercise but is essentially a holistic way of life leading to the union of body, mind, intellect and soul, the RSS resolution said.



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