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Home News Kourtney Weight Loss is good but Pills not needed: Subodh Gupta

Kourtney Weight Loss is good but Pills not needed: Subodh Gupta

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Kourtney Kardashian is celebrating her weight loss success with posting a photo of her scale, showing that she now weighs just 120 skinny pounds.

First day that I have seen this number in a while,” wrote Kourtney for her Instagram caption.

Kourtney also shared her slim-down secrets with her followers which are exercise and pills. Kourtney emphasizes that she do lots of walking with her massive stroller to hold two kids.

Kourtney also believes in the benefits of pills.  “Yummy…PLACENTA pills! No joke…I will be sad when my placenta pills run out. They are life changing! #benefits #lookitup”

While Kim Kardashian has chosen a more conventional route of diet and exercise, Kourtney is earning new attention with her disclosure that she’s enjoying placenta pills.

However Celebrity Yoga Trainer Subodh Gupta differs on the matter of using Pills for losing weight. He said “while it is not easy to lose weight post pregnancy and Kourtney is doing good to lose extra body weight just like Kim by using exercise but use of pills is absolutely not needed. He added “if you eat a balanced diet you get all the vitamins and minerals you need and you don’t need any supplement and overdosing can actually be more harmful. Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to stay slim and healthy forever."

Kourtney also shared her diet routine. She said “I don’t count calories. I just try not to overeat and I keep portions down. My breakfast every day is a protein shake with a banana, an apple, nonfat yogurt, milk, almonds, cinnamon and ice with a scoop of vanilla QuickTrim. For lunch I’ll have a piece of fish or a salad with avocado. And then for dinner I’ll make fresh soup in my blender, like butternut squash or tomato and zucchini.” Drinking green tea and avoiding alcohol also helps.



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