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Home News All that glitters is not healthy apple

All that glitters is not healthy apple

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Waxed applesNext time when you are in the fruits market or supermarket and you see the glittering/shining apples than stop for a moment because the glittering apples may not be naturally shining instead shining because of the the layers of wax coating on it and eating those waxed apples could do more harm than benefits.

Apples have a good variety of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K), minerals, healthy antioxidants and fiber. One medium sized apple can have 95 calories and 4.4 g of dietary fiber.

However wax apples even though seems tempting because of shining or glittering but could be harmful.

In fact wax apples are also distasteful. In you still decide to eat wax apples than perhaps it is better to avoid eating the waxed skin of the apples.

Wax is being used for by many producers for preservation purposes and cold storage and you might find apples from USA and other parts of the world even six months old, though it would look fresh. However, some unscrupulous fruits producers can coat apples with petroleum-based waxes which could be harmful for human health.

Practice of Waxing apples is quite prevalent in India however now even in London such as in the Fulham market wax appleas are sold.

So next time if an apple looks very glossy and shiny, be aware it may have was coating. In general it is also a better idea to buy the dull apples that are fresh without any kind of artificial wax coating and also a good practice to clean apples with lukewarm water thoroughly before eating.

News on waxed apples published by Journalism News Network. in the public interest.



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