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Home News FREE £99 Meditation course by celebrity yoga instructor

FREE £99 Meditation course by celebrity yoga instructor

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FREE £99 Meditation course by celebrity yoga instructor Subodh Gupta

Subodh Gupta



If you thinking of starting meditation practice, you can avail a golden opportunity


as the Celebrity Yoga Instructor Subodh Gupta has launched his Online Meditation course worth £99


with the help of Video lecture absolutely free for all, for a short time, with absolutely


no string attached.




Now you can practice meditation in the comfort of your home anytime convenient to you.


According to Subodh Gupta, meditation session is also helpful in



  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing weight
  • Improving concentration and brain power
  • Improving positivity in life




You can register at:


Your Voucher code is: behappymindfulness2016


Other benefits of meditation:

In the April 2004 issue of the American Journal of Hypertension, Dr. Barnes and his colleagues reported that 15 minutes  of twice-daily transcendental meditation

steadily lowered the blood pressure of 156 black, inner-city adolescents and their pressures tended to stay lower.


This new study, being presented during the 63rd Annual Scientific Conference of the American Psychosomatic Society  held March 2-5 in Vancouver, focused on 111 of those

adolescents, 57 who meditated and 54 controls.


(a) Meditation is good for the brain

According to scientists, there is evidence that suggests that meditation can boost parts of the brain and the immune system.


(b) Meditation for stress management

(c) Meditation can help maintain calm in any situation depending upon the progress.

(d) Meditation develops intuition; a capacity to understand and foresee.

(e) Regular practice of meditation will certainly make the will power of the practitioner stronger.

When the mind is stronger you can achieve what you want from life and stay peaceful and happy.




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