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Home News J News Network launched London Short Film Festival

J News Network launched London Short Film Festival

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While on one hand the world’s largest short film festival finding difficult to survive as Tropfest just managed to survive itself financially, on the other hand, new entrants are entering into this space every day. What Women Want web series launched. The Journalism News Network has just launched the London International Short Film Festival.

On this occasion the founder Subodh Gupta said that "the biggest problem in the arts world is that there are so many good artists but they lack the business perspective and objective of the London Internation Short film festival is to provide them a platform to showcase their work to the masses".

He added "we have just started a YouTube channel for this purpose along with the team of digital marketing professionals who will be working on this channel and we hope to provide 10,000 plus subscribers to the new filmmakers by 30 June 2017 onwards". https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-t_AfmdKmKnqlHJDDifG6Q

Tropfest the largest film festival was the McDonald’s of short film festivals, its menu aimed at mass consumption, however, From 2008 to 2013, three of the six winning films were accused of plagiarism.

However, Subodh Gupta the founder seems confident amid the stumbling awards industry and the financial aspects of his short film festivals stating that "we have already worked out the business model and there is absolutely no chances of any losses. The reason for so many losses in the area of filmmaking and awards is because most film are made on bloated budgets which is not required and likewise in the area of organizing awards shows.




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