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Home News What Women Want - Funny Web Series by Journalism News Network

What Women Want - Funny Web Series by Journalism News Network

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Journalism News Network has tried to demystify the women mind and launched a new funny and entertaining web series what women want.

What women want

What Makes Women Happy - Web Series What Women Want episode #3

Web series mostly consist of entertaining questions and an attempt is made to capture participants natural reactions.

What Women Want - Web Series Episode # 2 Darcey Croft, founder of Barenaturals

Some of the interesting questions discussed among many are:

How to Know If a Girl Likes You?

Things girls hate about guys?

Best/worst pick up lines you have heard?

Do women needs man to be happy or can women be happy on her own?

What is more important Love or career?

Does age matter when come for dating & for marriage? how much difference is too much?

Why girls reject guys?

What type of boys do girls want?

What Makes Women Happy?

3 Things Guys Don't Know About Girls Why Girls Like Jerks/bad boys?

What Women Want - Web Series Episode #1 by Journalism News Network

More fun watch above videos about what women want :-)



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