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What Western Girls think of Indian Guys Fun Series by @Jnewsnetwork

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What Western women think of Indian Men(PRESS RELEASE) Journalism News Network (@jnewsnetwork) has released the 4th episode "What Western Women Think about Indian Men" in its ongoing fun web series "What Women Want".


Women's mind confused even the world renowned psychologist named Sigmund Freud who said once “I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?”

Journalism News Network has tried to solve the mystery in a funny and entertaining new web series "what women want" to demystify the women mind.

The fourth episode explores about Western women views on Indian men. Indian’s generally seems to have mixed feelings about western people.

There also seems to be a new trend where Indian women, seemingly preferring western men nowadays. But what do western women think about Indian men or do they like Indian men or do they have other ideas?

Do Indian men come out to be uncomfortable in simple conversation because of asking too many personal questions?

Do Western women want to date Indian men? or Do Indian men are perceived as family men who are good in cooking?

To understand this aspect of western women mind @jnewsnetwork interviewed western girls/women in London & Paris to see their reactions what they think about Indian men.

To watch funny reactions, watch the video what white girls think of brown men and let us know what do you think? Another funny video on Funniest Pick Up lines ever


Baahubali Star Tamannaah shared her weight loss secret with Subodh Gupta

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Tamannaah Bhatia Weight Loss Tips

While on one side Obesity is rising in the UK and most other developed nations at an alarming rate and hence the associated health risk such as cancer and on the other side benefits are being cut for the obese people in the UK. In this scenario can Bollywood star Tamannaah Bhatia shows the path to fight obesity.

In a recent interview in London, Baahubali superstar Tamannaah Bhatia shared her secret of the incredible figure and weight loss tips with Subodh Gupta, Editor Journalism News Network.

When asked about her secret Tamannah said laughingly, “Zipping the mouth is pretty much and that is most of the job and visiting the gym once in a while never harmed anyone”.

When asked further is it Gym or zipping the mouth is the actual secret, She said,“zipping of the mouth is the main secret”.

We would like to know what you think is the best weight loss secret or what works for you?

Video News Tamannaah Bhatia Weight Loss Tips

Tamannaah made her acting debut at the age of 15 in the Bollywood film, Chand Sa Roshan Chehra.

Since then she has established herself as one of the iconic contemporary actresses in Telugu cinema and Tamil cinema.

She is one of the highest paid actresses in South Indian cinema. She has acted nearly 50 films in three different languages- Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Recently Tamannaah Bhatia was also awarded with the ‘Young Icon Award’, recognizing for her notable contributions in the field of cinema at BAFTA by Arts For India charity in London.


Shekhar Kapur shares with Subodh Gupta Secret of Success

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Shekhar KapurShekhar Kapur shares with Subodh Gupta Secret of Success

In the present world, everybody seems to run days and night in pursuit of happiness and success.

Some want success in achieving their desired body weight other wants success in career or in a relationship, however ingredients to achieve success are same irrespective of what you want to achieve.

Following are the excerpts of an interview in which BAFTA & Academy Awards (OSCARs) winning film director Shekhar Kapur shared his thought on what makes successful film director and how one can become famous in conversation with Subodh Gupta Editor Journalism News Network UK in London.

(Q) If there is any secret formula to become successful film director like yourself?

Ans) 3ps; Passion, perseverance and patience and that’s it.

(Q)If somebody wants to become next Shekhar Kapur, what they need to do?

Ans) It will take you many years (laughing), When I started there was nothing. Somebody needs to have expensive cameras; expensive actors but now you don’t need any of that.

Today you take your smartphone, you shoot something, and you can edit it with simplest editing machine/software. So you are your own story writer, you are your camera man, you get some friends, you make some drama, you can edit it’s so easy and then you become your own distributor.

You can put it on Vimeo you can put it on YouTube. There are so many options available. So actually you can start tomorrow.

(Q) How do I become famous?

Anybody can play tennis, but you need to be really really good to become Roger Federer. It takes a little bit of luck but it takes a lot of hard work.

(Q) What advice you will give to young generation?

If you have passion then don’t doubt it. Don’t be afraid and don’t fear your passion. Nothing will immediately but then perseverance and don’t give up. Passion, perseverance, and patience.

Shekhar Kapur is an iconic Indian film director, actor and producer known for his works in Hindi cinema. He gained international recognition with the 1994 Bollywood film Bandit Queen based on the life of infamous Indian bandit, which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and Best Direction for that year.

His historical biopics on Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth (1998) and Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)) won the BAFTA Award for Best Film and two Academy Awards.


What Makes Women Happy funny episode 3 released by Jnewsnetwork

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What Women want seriesA lot has been said about what makes women happy whether it is Chocolate or surgery, or bigger bottom or sex, money, power, career? The options for women are endless nowadays.

But nothing conclusive so @jnewsnetwork filmed an episode to demystify this topic. The latest episode of new funny web series "what women want" is launched by Journalism News Network @jnewsnetwork recently on the YouTube.

The latest episode 3 explores What Makes Women Happy".

Female participants have shared their interesting funny reactions on this topic.

Some of the girls have expressed Chocolate make them happy and other have shared that travel and green spaces make them feel happy but nobody seems to have suggested that either money or man makes them happy.

Thousands of book has been published on this relates subject, however, the only solution to the happy is to get in touch with your true self by meditating and figure out for yourself what you really want out of this life and what makes you, personally, feel good.

Do send us your views what makes you happy :-)


What Women Want - Funny Web Series by Journalism News Network

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Journalism News Network has tried to demystify the women mind and launched a new funny and entertaining web series what women want.

What women want

What Makes Women Happy - Web Series What Women Want episode #3

Web series mostly consist of entertaining questions and an attempt is made to capture participants natural reactions.

What Women Want - Web Series Episode # 2 Darcey Croft, founder of Barenaturals

Some of the interesting questions discussed among many are:

How to Know If a Girl Likes You?

Things girls hate about guys?

Best/worst pick up lines you have heard?

Do women needs man to be happy or can women be happy on her own?

What is more important Love or career?

Does age matter when come for dating & for marriage? how much difference is too much?

Why girls reject guys?

What type of boys do girls want?

What Makes Women Happy?

3 Things Guys Don't Know About Girls Why Girls Like Jerks/bad boys?

What Women Want - Web Series Episode #1 by Journalism News Network

More fun watch above videos about what women want :-)


J News Network launched London Short Film Festival

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While on one hand the world’s largest short film festival finding difficult to survive as Tropfest just managed to survive itself financially, on the other hand, new entrants are entering into this space every day. What Women Want web series launched. The Journalism News Network has just launched the London International Short Film Festival.

On this occasion the founder Subodh Gupta said that "the biggest problem in the arts world is that there are so many good artists but they lack the business perspective and objective of the London Internation Short film festival is to provide them a platform to showcase their work to the masses".

He added "we have just started a YouTube channel for this purpose along with the team of digital marketing professionals who will be working on this channel and we hope to provide 10,000 plus subscribers to the new filmmakers by 30 June 2017 onwards". https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-t_AfmdKmKnqlHJDDifG6Q

Tropfest the largest film festival was the McDonald’s of short film festivals, its menu aimed at mass consumption, however, From 2008 to 2013, three of the six winning films were accused of plagiarism.

However, Subodh Gupta the founder seems confident amid the stumbling awards industry and the financial aspects of his short film festivals stating that "we have already worked out the business model and there is absolutely no chances of any losses. The reason for so many losses in the area of filmmaking and awards is because most film are made on bloated budgets which is not required and likewise in the area of organizing awards shows.


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