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Yoga for athletes must for improving concentration

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Yoga has numerous benefits at various level (Physical, emotional and mental) however, the benefits of yoga depends on how regularly you are practicing it and also how you are practicing (ex. are you practicing only hatha yoga or also combining it with other steps of ashtanga yoga system).


The benefits of yoga increases when you combine yoga asana (physical exercise) with meditation, relaxation, and pranayama.


Research studies show that Yogic meditation produces the ‘relaxation response’. In physiological terms, the Relaxation Response shows a marked decrease in the breathing rate and in oxygen consumption, a lowering of the heart rate, a decrease in blood pressure in meditators whose levels had been higher than normal, and the production of Alpha waves during meditation of which are associated with mental relaxation.”


Benefits of yoga when practiced regularly:


Flexibility and strength

Yoga postures stretch and strengthen muscles and ligaments and put joints through their full range of movement.

Good posture and better look

You develop the postures which are beautiful to look at. Firm muscle tone, bright eyes, and clear complexion contribute to the radiant appearance of the person. This, combined with good posture and grace of movement, makes for a pleasing outward appearance.


Breathe smoothly and efficiently


Yogic breathing strengthens the diaphragm and encourages deeper freer breathing.


Sleep well

Scientific relaxation helps in a sound sleep and refreshing the body and mind.


Concentrate well

Yoga Posture, yogic breathing, relaxation and meditation all help to calm and still the mind. When your mind is calm and still you develop higher concentration for your work.


Cope well with stress

The improvements to your health and the ability to relax deeply that come with yoga make you more resilient. Even in times of crisis, you can learn to cope well without getting much stressed.Massaging of all organs of the body – It massages all the internal glands and organs of the body in a thorough manner.


Yoga also helps sports professionals and benefits for them includes:


• Gentle hatha yoga can be used to lubricate joints and relax muscle tensions.

• It can help in correcting muscle imbalances resulting from high impact training, strengthening the spine to prevent pain and injury.

• Yoga can help to balance your lower body strength. Healthy movement requires less expenditure of energy, so you will have greater reserves to take longer, faster strides.

• Standing yoga postures correctly align the knee.

• Dynamic yoga develops stamina and upper body strength without tightness in the shoulders also prepares the cardiovascular system and muscles for peak performance.

• Yoga and breath work can benefit the mind in competition to improve confidence and concentration.


Chelsea Handler needs to try Meditation instead of Ayahuasca -Subodh Gupta

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Subodh GuptaChelsea Handler gets high on Ayahuasca drug for her new Netflix series to show people what happens when you take that drug however celebrity yoga and meditation instructor Subodh Gupta feels that Chelsea Handler needs to try

meditation to feel high instead of Ayahuasca as the drug can be very dangerous for both body and mind and sets a bad example for the audience to follow.


Chelsea in her episode related to the drug traveled to Peru to experiment Ayahuasca - a plant drug found in the Amazon which is supposed to induce an out-of-body experience but she ended up vomits on camera from its effects.


As the drug popularity has grown, many retreats have popped up in Peru, where tourists can pay to try Ayahuasca in a 'safe environment'.


However the drug is illegal in the USA and it has been linked to the deaths of many tourists in South America. For example last year, a Canadian man killed a British banker who attacked him during a bad hallucination

on Ayahuasca in Peru.


Inaddition there have also been reports of molestation, rape and negligence at the hands of some shamans.



Subodh Gupta added that with the help of meditation also one can also experience various state of mind which can only be described as mystical but unfortunately everybody wants short-cuts even though dangerous.



Surgeons advice to NHS on weight loss operations misleading -Subodh Gupta

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Subodh Gupta MeditationWith the increasing obesity rate in the UK, the leading obesity surgeons are recommending to the UK's NHS to increase the number of weight loss operations to obese patients from 6,000 up to 50,000 a year.

Surgeons suggested that it would make people healthier and save the NHS money as the UK is lagging behind other countries in Europe on the parameter of weight loss surgery performed each year. Surgeons suggested that diets do not work for many of them, but surgery does.

However celebrity yoga trainer and holistic health consultant Subodh Gupta said that "the advice by obesity surgeons to increase weight loss operation is misleading and only help their own industry.

The most important reason why people ended up over eating is because of lack of control over their mind so the easiest and absolutely free solution is to train our mind by meditation so as to gain more control and the habit

of overeating can be controlled in the first place which is the root cause instead of putting the knife into the stomach as recommended by Surgeons.


Surgeons argue that more surgery would save the NHS money in the long term as obesity-related conditions such as heart disease and cancers are reduced. They say there is evidence that

65% of patients with type 2, obesity-related diabetes come off their medication after surgery.


With a smaller stomach, the patient will tend to eat less because they feel fuller faster as they could eat less now. so by reducing the amount of food eaten a day will lead to reduced  calories which will ultimately lead to weight loss however again

Subodh Gupta yoga instructor based in London suggested that "almost all weight loss surgeries are risky and not needed and unnecessary for tackling obesity and their benefits propagated are misleading instead all one need to fight obesity is healthy food and train our mind to be more discipline".


Can Whey Protein in Breakfast leads to Weight Loss

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Whey Protein in Breakfasts leads to Weight Loss


Another good news for those who are interested in losing weight. Now according to Daniela Jakubowicz, professor of medicine at Tel Aviv University, "A high-calorie protein breakfast, medium-sized lunch and small dinner is a proven successful strategy for weight loss".

He added, "Whey protein powder, which is a byproduct of milk during cheese production, induced greater satiety and reduction of glucose spikes after meals compared to other protein sources, such as eggs, soy or tuna.”


Last week we published the news about the actress Kate Hudson who credited Alkaline diet for her weight loss. Kate said, "Because I want to be as healthy as possible, I eat alkaline,”. “It’s no dairy, it’s no wheat,

it’s gluten-free, no meat and no sugar. I just cut all of that out.”


Although Kate completely cut out dairy related products but professor suggested Whey protein a byproduct of dairy.


In this latest study, 48 overweight & obese participants were assigned one of three diets that contained the same number of calories but the breakfast proteins differed. After 12 weeks, the group on whey protein lost the most weight. On average, they lost 7.6 kg (16.7 pounds), compared to 6.1 kg (13.4 pounds) for those eating other proteins, and 3.1 kg (6.8 pounds) for those in the carbohydrate group.


Whey protein diet participants felt full for longer.  Jakubowicz said: “The whey protein diet significantly suppresses the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’.


As per another study by the author and researcher Dr Russell de Souza, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating a daily serving of pulses makes people feel fuller than if they ate a control diet.

Just one serving a day of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils can lead to modest weight loss by making people feel fuller.


Speaking on this occasion, Subodh Gupta, the author of "7 habits of skinny woman" said, "Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight

effortlessly and become slim and healthy forever.”

Subodh Gupta conducts private meditation and private yoga in Chelsea, Kensington, SW3, Holland Park, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Notting hill, Belgravia, Hampstead Heath, Marylebone in London.


Kate Hudson weight loss secrets - Alkaline Diet & Yoga

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Kate Hudson showed off her incredible toned body on Instagram confirming that it is possible to maintain healthy body and weight with the help of regular exercise and healthy diet.

Kate Hudson weight loss

Kate has maintained her 70-pound weight loss since giving birth to her second child in 2011.

Kate believes the reason for her incredible body and weight loss are diet and yoga with consistency.


Kate is a proponent of the Alkaline Diet. She said, "Because I want to be as healthy as possible, I eat alkaline,”. “It’s no dairy, it’s no wheat, it’s gluten-free, no meat and no sugar. 
I just cut all of that out.”


Alkaline Diet: It is based on the idea that the foods you eat can alter the acidity or alkalinity (the pH value) of your body.

When you metabolise foods and extract the energy (calories) from them, you are actually burning the foods, except that it happens in a slow and controlled fashion.

Food groups are considered acidic, alkaline or neutral:



  • Acidic: Meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains and alcohol.
  • Neutral: Natural fats, starch and sugars.
  • Alkaline: Fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables.

Kate exercises daily because it makes her feel good. Kate, said diet is critical for maintaining her flat abs and 70-pound weight loss.

The concept propagated behind the Alkaline Diet is that eating a diet high in alkaline-producing foods will minimize acid build up in our bodies (which fuels inflammation, aging and weight gain).

Speaking on this occasion, Celebrity trainer Subodh Gupta who conducts private yoga in Kensington Chelsea London said, “If you keep on eating unhealthy food than no matter how many weight loss tips you follow, you are likely to retain weight and become obese. If only you start eating healthy food, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to lose weight.”

Subodh also highlighted the role of meditation for losing weight. He said if only we can make our mind strong with regular meditation, we can control our craving and hence lose weight.

Eating pulses & avoiding junk food helps weight loss

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Nations around the world are worried about the sharp rise in obesity level and associated health risk.

Percentage of obese members of the population in the developed nations is really worrying. United States: 32.2, Scotland: 25.5, Mexico: 24.2,England: 22.5,Canada: 22.4,Greece: 21.9.


"Major reason for the obesity is eating unhealthy junk food" according to the celebrity yoga instructor Subodh Gupta.


Although Indian eating culture includes pulses as a regular and natural part of the meal as it is considered healthy but now it is  confirmed by the latest research study that eating pulses also help in weight loss.


As per the latest study by the author and researcher Dr Russell de Souza, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating a daily serving of pulses makes people feel fuller than if they ate a control diet.


Just one serving a day of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils can lead to modest weight loss by making people feel fuller. Around 1,000 adult men and women lost an average of 0.75lbs over six weeks

by adding a single serving of pulses to their diet.


Dr Russell de Souza works with Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada. He said “Despite their known health benefits, only 13 per cent of Canadians eat pulses on any given day and most do not eat the full serving. So there is room for most of us to incorporate dietary pulses in our diet and realise potential weight management benefits.”


“Our body is made up of food which we eat during our day to day life. If we are overweight or obese at the moment then one thing is certain that the food which we eat is unhealthy. If only junk food or fast food is eliminated from our food, obesity will automatically disappear from this world. It is that simple." said Subodh Gupta yoga instructor London.

Subodh Gupta conducts yoga and private meditation in Chelsea, Kensington Marylebone London


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