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US reject fat pill to curb obesity

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London, 18th July 2010- The new weight-loss pill from Vivus Inc failed to win backing from U.S. health advisers, who said safety concerns about the drug outweighed its ability to help obese patients shed pounds.

Shares of weight loss pill company Vivus Inc's sank 62 percent after U.S. Food and Drug administration advisers expressed concern the once-a-day pill could cause depression, memory-loss and potential birth defects if used among millions of overweight or obese Americans.

According to one panelist Elaine Morrato of the University of Colorado, Approving the drug would be "a huge public health experiment,".

There is little doubt the drug works, panelists said, but potential side effects such as depression, memory loss, increased heart rate and birth defects were a top worry.

America is the fattest nation in the developed world. Percentage of obese people in the US is around 32 according to the government statistics.

It is an old saying “prevention is better than cure” and I think what is needed is to prevent the obesity in the first place instead of spending money on curing.

Every month there is one or the other weight pill is introduced in the market. We at obesity campaign UK strongly suggest that not to use pills for the weight loss for various reasons. 

The important point to remember is that the obesity is mostly the result of our unhealthy life style and wrong choice of food and if we can incorporate good habits in our daily routine we can easily lose the weight without wasting money on weight loss pills.


Common sense prevails, finally GPs told no more weight-loss surgery in East Riding

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London,17th July 2010 -  It seems that finally the common sense is prevailing in East Riding where GPs are being asked not to refer any more patients to hospital for weight loss surgery. Dozens of obese people in this county, have been told to try other ways of losing weight which is really a sensible decision.

If one can loose the weight naturally then what is the point of going for weight loss surgery and taking associated risk with it. Any body can loose weight if he or she tries to be disciplined and ready to commit. Even after weight loss surgery, one needs to follow a strict nutrition plan prescribed by the surgeon or nutritionist. Now the interesting point to note is if you can follow nutrition plan on your own you do not need any weight loss surgery in the first place and addional pain..

NHS East Riding of Yorkshire, the county's primary care trust (PCT), has confirmed that they are suggesting people "Live Well" trial weight management service, which will be delivered by East Riding Council.

The new six-month programme, which is free, focuses on the importance of physical activity and good nutrition, while offering psychological support followed by a maintenance programme.

Dawn Branton, public health obesity lead at NHS East Riding of Yorkshire, has admitted "It's about making funding stretch further,".

"There are a lot of changes in the NHS, so if we can reduce the need for surgery, it's cheaper to provide a weight management service than
it is to provide an operation for a patient."But it's about supporting patients to have healthier lifestyles and build skills to maintain their own weight. "I think sometimes people think bariatric surgery is the easy option but it's not."It has huge health risks and losing weight naturally is more beneficial in the long term."

Each bariatric procedure - which can include gastric banding - costs the NHS between £8,000 and £10,000 and does not include after-care costs such as hospital-based critical care.

NHS East Riding of Yorkshire said the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) had issued guidelines about bariatric surgery that require patients to have tried alternative methods first.

Each patient, as well as a partner, will receive free access to East Riding leisure centres during the six-month period which is a really sensible move indeed by NHS East Riding. Well done NHS East Riding.


First Lady Ms Obama to visit camden yards to promote anti-obesity campaign

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London: 16th July 2010 - First Lady Ms Obama to visit Camden Yards to promote Anti Obesity Campaign.

First Lady Michelle Obama will be visiting Camden Yards in Baltimore next week to announce a new initiative in her continuous fight against childhood obesity. 

The First Lady will partner with Major League Baseball and the players' union for her project "Let's Move!" a campaign to end childhood obesity.  The objective is to address the problem of childhood obesity so the children will reach adulthood at a healthy weight.

At the O's-Rays game, the first lady is scheduled to throw out the first pitch. This noble obesity campaign began when Ms Obama first broke ground on a White House kitchen garden with students from a local elementary school to teach kids about nutrition.

President Barack Obama has created a task force on childhood obesity to review programs and policies related to child nutrition and physical activity and to develop a national action plan.

America is the fattest nation in the developed world. The child obesity is also growing in America. Children are considered overweight when their body mass index is between the 85th and 95th percentiles for their age and gender. Obese children have BMIs at or above the 95th percentile.

Child weight outside the 95th percentile is associated with raised blood pressure and lipids in older adolescents, and increases risk of disease.
Since Ms Obama's campaign launched in February, city leaders have followed suit, naming a "food czar" to lead the battle against poor eating habits which is linked to the obesity and alarming levels of heart disease and diabetes in Baltimore's poorer neighbourhoods.

A Baltimore city food policy task force report released this year showed the growing concerns for the city health. According to it more than two-thirds of the city's adults and almost 40 percent of high school students were overweight or obese.


Food firms to take over UK anti-obesity marketing campaign

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London,8th July 2010 - According to the UK Government Health Secretary, public funding for the Change4Life campaign launched in January 2009 would be withdrawn and private firms such as Mars and Coca cola will be invited to fill the gap, along with charities and local authorities.

In his first speech on public health, Mr Lansley said he was impressed by how much Change4life had achieved in promoting healthy lifestyles but was opposed to "burdensome regulation" of industry over matters such as food labelling.

"We need a new approach. We have to make Change4life less a government campaign, more a social movement... less about costly advertising, more about supporting families and individual responses."

According to the UK Department of Health, it had spent £50m since the launch of Change4life.The funds paid for TV ads and a range of marketing materials handed out by schools, hospitals and community halls.

Mr Lansley  said some had felt "stigmatised" for selling junk food, yet it was "perfectly possible to eat a bag of crisps, a Mars bar, or drink a carbonated soft drink" but do it in moderation. "Then you can begin to take responsibility for it and the companies selling these things to you, they can be part of that responsibility too," he said.

While criticising Jamie Oliver Mr Lansley made a point that he wanted to see more focus on changing behaviour than the "lecturing" attitude that characterised the previous labour government's initiatives.

While it make sense that, just lecturing about unhealthy food doesn’t work however how logical it is to ask the killer to protect? Let me leave it to the readers to decide. :-)


Majority of egypt women obese and at risk of diabetes

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London: Sun, 04 Jul 2010 - There are growing concerns that Egyptians women may be at greater risk of diabetes. According to the diabetes atlas survey, the incidence of diabetes in Egypt last year was 10.4 per cent.

Obesity and diabetes are correlated. The greater the obesity, the more are the chances of diabetes. According to one recent survey by International Obesity Task Force around 80 per cent of women in Egypt are overweight and 46.6 per cent obese which is quite a serious health concern.

If this trend continues then the obesity can seriously affect Egypt’s health. If the mother is obese, there could be a possibility that perhaps child could also be obese and this habit trickles down from the parents to the kids and the ill health multiplies.

Obesity is one of the major causes of various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, breathlessness, etc. It is also seen the more the extra fat in body, the lesser the energy level.

The major reason for the obesity is the nutritional problem and unhealthy lifestyle. If Egyptian women are eating healthy food then there cannot be 80 percent women overweight.

Our body is made up of food which we eat during our day to day life. If we are overweight or obese at the moment then one thing is certain that the food which we eat is not healthy.

One needs to eat a balanced diet devoid of fast food and have a daily moderate exercise such as walking or yoga or swim, etc. To prevent obesity a change in lifestyle is necessary.


Role of exercise in fast weight loss and getting rid of obesity

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Well there is nothing new in this tip but I want to emphasise that exercise is probably the most important factor which decide your success in losing weight and there after maintaining weight loss.

In order for exercise to be helpful in weight loss, you should strive for a minimum of five 60 minute sessions per week. And the good news is that you can even break it down in three 20 minute sessions in a day.

We can understand the role of exercise with the help of an example:
Just as a car runs on gasoline, our bodies run on the blood sugar (glucose) circulating in our bloodstream. When we exercise enough to deplete the supply of blood sugar, hormones are released that instruct our fat cells to release fat into our bloodstream. The fat circulates to the muscles that need it for fuel, and we end up with less fat on our bodies.

Exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body, and it makes it possible to create a calorie deficit and lose weight without starving your body and slowing your metabolism.

Eat healthy foods in reasonable quantities and exercise regularly to maintain good health, and your body will find a healthy weight naturally. You will never need weight loss surgery or weight loss pills.

Exercise Regularly
People who exercises on a regular basis not only lose weight more effectively, they are more successful at keeping it off for ever. Imagine if all of us started doing exercise every day, it will help the nation and NHS wasteful expenditure in performing surgery and obesity will be history.


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