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Yoga do not encourage eating disorders -Subodh Gupta

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Subodh Gupta with Simon Lebon

A Yoga magazine has been accused of encouraging eating disorders after running a feature on how to throw up to get a flatter stomach. A reader wrote in to ask about an ancient technique called the 'Tiger'. The aim of the practice is described in step-by-step instructions by the magazine, is to remove any excess food that has been consumed.


Detail step, from drinking plenty of water to using one's fingers to induce vomiting, to the last step - eating rice and milk to soothe the stomach were explained that a reader could try it at home. The magazine article further states that :'If you practise the Tiger at least once a week, you will notice a difference in the shape of your abdomen and hips; your sexual organs and back will feel stronger and your posture and stamina will improve.'


The only word of warning in magazine was that the technique is not suitable for children or pregnant women.


When asked to Celebrity Yoga Instructor Subodh Gupta " He said I haven't read the article but if it is true, it is shocking that eminent yoga magazine using vomiting technique for these filmsy objectives and misguiding people and in fact these vomiting techniques are not even needed in the first place for otherwise healthy human beings."


He added "Vomiting technique is one of the kriyas such as Vasti (colon cleansing) or Neti (cleansing the nasal passages) but all of them can do more harm then any benefits i.e. should be avoided in the first place and yoga don't encourage eating disorders for sure".


Yoga Doga no end to human stupidity- Subodh Gupta

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Subodh GuptaOne of the statement often attributed to Einstein "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about th’universe!".  Perhaps this statement seems to be quite true in the case of followers of misguided derivative yoga trend.

Every now and then some new concept is introduced in the name of yoga and people start following religiously as their savior without even understanding if it means anything.

In the past I could see dog lovers come up with new concept "Doga", than recently another come up with "Broga" and before that another gentleman from India come up with "Laughing yoga" and not to mention flowing yoga or acrobatic Ashtanga yoga from Mysore, do they mean anything?

Yoga simply means "Union" and that's it, no more no less, so are the followers of "Doga" following the concept of "Dog Union" or Vinyasa Yoga followers following "Flowing Union" or followers of acrobatic Ashtanga yoga from Mysore following the belief of "Acrobatic Union" or the follower of "Broga" believe in "male oriented union" and so ...

In the past Ancient sages in India looking for the deeper meaning of life realized that one has to go beyond mind to understand that and that would need long hours of sitting meditation practice. So in the eight steps of yoga"Union with supreme" they had one of step called Hatha Yoga for the well being of the physical health (which people in the West understand as exercise).

However that pure Hatha Yoga practice also involves concentration practice of mind by holding postures for a minute, so how come yoga practice with Dog can help in concentration instead it will destroy the concentration, similarly how laughing yoga can help in concentration practice ?

Unfortunately people follow without understanding the whole concept of yoga and some misguided people would continue to confuse and mislead others with the various derivative of Hatha Yoga in the name of yoga.

Issued in the public interest learning Hatha Yoga by Subodh Gupta.

Source: http://www.subodhgupta.com/yoga-doga-broga-no-end-to-human-stupidity/


All that glitters is not healthy apple

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Waxed applesNext time when you are in the fruits market or supermarket and you see the glittering/shining apples than stop for a moment because the glittering apples may not be naturally shining instead shining because of the the layers of wax coating on it and eating those waxed apples could do more harm than benefits.

Apples have a good variety of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K), minerals, healthy antioxidants and fiber. One medium sized apple can have 95 calories and 4.4 g of dietary fiber.

However wax apples even though seems tempting because of shining or glittering but could be harmful.

In fact wax apples are also distasteful. In you still decide to eat wax apples than perhaps it is better to avoid eating the waxed skin of the apples.

Wax is being used for by many producers for preservation purposes and cold storage and you might find apples from USA and other parts of the world even six months old, though it would look fresh. However, some unscrupulous fruits producers can coat apples with petroleum-based waxes which could be harmful for human health.

Practice of Waxing apples is quite prevalent in India however now even in London such as in the Fulham market wax appleas are sold.

So next time if an apple looks very glossy and shiny, be aware it may have was coating. In general it is also a better idea to buy the dull apples that are fresh without any kind of artificial wax coating and also a good practice to clean apples with lukewarm water thoroughly before eating.

News on waxed apples published by Journalism News Network. in the public interest.


Mum died after gastric bypass weight loss surgery

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Summary: A promising life cut short and Angela Jones a bubbly mother died after gastric-bypass surgery left her unable to eat.

Angela's daughter Chantel Graf, 19, desperately tried to feed her mum but could only watch as Angela died a slow and agonizing death. Grieving Chantel said “I speak on behalf of the whole family when I say people often mistakenly think these operations are the answer to being obese. We believe my mum would still be alive if she hadn’t had this done.”

She added “We don’t feel that the risks of severe side-effects, which can be fatal, were properly explained to Mum. We bitterly regret the surgery.”

Angela underwent her weight loss surgery at the ­private Spire Southampton Hospital, Hants, in March 2010. Chantel said: “Mum was always overweight. She was born with hip ­problems and developed arthritis that made exercise difficult.

Chantel said: “All her food had to be liquidised. She couldn’t swallow any lumps. It was heartbreaking to see her drink her meals. Even then, often she still couldn’t keep anything down.”

The death certificate lists her gastric bypass weight-loss surgery in March 2010 among the causes of her death. Over 6,500 weight loss procedures are currently performed in the UK every year.

The weight loss surgery is not the right solution to obesity problem rather it is complicating the life of patients after the surgery. List of problems and complications after the weight loss surgery operation are endless.

The simple, safe and free solution is the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, lack of which is the main cause of obesity in the first place. Even after weight loss surgery one is forced to adopt that healthy lifestyle. People should thoroughly think it through before undergoing gastric bypass surgery.




Free Yoga for Indian Government employees: peaceful strategy

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Free yoga classes a new Indian government strategy to combat stress among the police force and improve productivity among other central government employees. On the March 20, 2015 Indian Government announced free yoga for its 3 million employees and their families as it seeks to promote health.

A public circular said that the government was "organizing regular yoga training sessions from April 1, 2015 for the benefit of central government employees and their dependents".

Celebrity yoga trainer Subodh Gupta termed it as a very good move and peaceful strategy by the Indian government. He said “most of the argument happens because of the tension and if tension is released by the daily yoga practice perhaps the work atmosphere would become more cordial and also work productivity is bound to improve in the central government departments. In addition the police force and other para military forces work under tremendous pressure and daily practice of yoga is much needed there”.

Some Indian politicians have gone even further explaining the benefits of yoga.  For example Shri Murli Manohar Joshi, a senior figure in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said recently “I believe if yoga comes into the life of common people, then the daily incidents of rape, I would not say they will cease to exist, but there will definitely be a decrease in them”.

Shripad Yesso Naik, minister of state for yoga has already announced plans to introduce daily yoga practice sessions for all police officers, paramilitary personnel and defence staff over the next three to five years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a yoga fan who credits his strict regime of exercise and meditation for his ability to work long hours on just four or five hours' sleep. This peaceful strategy may well be the biggest campaign of physical education by Indian government for its 3 million civil servants and their families.


Kourtney Weight Loss is good but Pills not needed: Subodh Gupta

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Kourtney Kardashian is celebrating her weight loss success with posting a photo of her scale, showing that she now weighs just 120 skinny pounds.

First day that I have seen this number in a while,” wrote Kourtney for her Instagram caption.

Kourtney also shared her slim-down secrets with her followers which are exercise and pills. Kourtney emphasizes that she do lots of walking with her massive stroller to hold two kids.

Kourtney also believes in the benefits of pills.  “Yummy…PLACENTA pills! No joke…I will be sad when my placenta pills run out. They are life changing! #benefits #lookitup”

While Kim Kardashian has chosen a more conventional route of diet and exercise, Kourtney is earning new attention with her disclosure that she’s enjoying placenta pills.

However Celebrity Yoga Trainer Subodh Gupta differs on the matter of using Pills for losing weight. He said “while it is not easy to lose weight post pregnancy and Kourtney is doing good to lose extra body weight just like Kim by using exercise but use of pills is absolutely not needed. He added “if you eat a balanced diet you get all the vitamins and minerals you need and you don’t need any supplement and overdosing can actually be more harmful. Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to stay slim and healthy forever."

Kourtney also shared her diet routine. She said “I don’t count calories. I just try not to overeat and I keep portions down. My breakfast every day is a protein shake with a banana, an apple, nonfat yogurt, milk, almonds, cinnamon and ice with a scoop of vanilla QuickTrim. For lunch I’ll have a piece of fish or a salad with avocado. And then for dinner I’ll make fresh soup in my blender, like butternut squash or tomato and zucchini.” Drinking green tea and avoiding alcohol also helps.


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