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Obese again after weight loss surgery -Obesity Campaign UK

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Subodh Gupta

Weight loss surgery is gaining popularity nowadays despite being dangerous and useless.

Lana Harber had £15000 weight loss surgery on NHS UK and she gained the weight back after shedding eight stone because of comfort eating. Lana underwent a gastric bypass operation on the recommendation of doctors. But two years after her operation, she has gained weight.

Miss Harber, from Kent said: "I blame no-one but myself, but my experiences have made me realise that gastric operations, which are often viewed as a quick fix, don’t make any difference if the root causes of obesity aren’t addressed.‘I’ ve had low self-esteem rooted in difficult experiences from my childhood that have caused me to comfort eat over the years."

‘Today whenever I hear anyone say they’re going for weight loss surgery, I always make sure I share my experiences. Patients need to be very mindful following their operations." she added.

Today, Lana weighs 14st and has excess skin left from her weight loss. Obesity Campaign UK warns people against weight loss surgery. Not only after surgery complication are endless such as Hernia, Internal Bleeding, Swelling of the skin around the wounds, etc.but also people will never be able to enjoy their food if they want to.

Even after surgery, patients have to continuously work to keep their food intake low and maintain a strict exercise schedule. The point is if patient has to exercise regularly and eat less than what is the point of surgery in the first place because that can be done free

and safely without going under the knife.

Issued in public interest by Obesity campaign UK founded by celebrity trainer Subodh Gupta.


Subodh Gupta is the author of the weight loss book, “7 habits of skinny woman”.


He has been interviewed by various TV channels and his views and articles appear regularly in magazines and newspapers such as Telegraph UK, Times UK, Marie Clare, The Economics Times, London Paper, etc. in India and the UK.


64% adults in England classed as overweight

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According to new data from the UK government's public health agency more than 60% adults in England are overweight as of now with Copeland, Cumbria, has the most overweight

people in England.The analysis shows that more than 75% of Copeland's population (75.9%) are either overweight or obese.

Public Health England says that across the entire country 64% of adults are overweight with London region being the lightest with 57% overweight.

According to the agency rate of increase of obesity and overweight appears to be slowing in affluent areas however 19 district local authorities have more than 70% of adults are overweight or obese, including County Durham, Bolsover, Blackpool, Basildon and Thurrock.


Obesity in the western nations including the UK is going out of control putting people at major risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and greedy obesity surgeons. The cost burden on the NHS because of the obesity-related illness would be catastrophic if the present trend continue.


The UK government has given responsibility for public health to the local authorities so they can effectively handle the issues however statistic reveal the in effectiveness on their part just like the

environmental agencies in the UK.

The fundamental problem of obesity is stemming from the unhealthy food because our body is made up of the food which we eat in our day to day life and if we are obese or overweight at the

moment that means the food which we are eating is not healthy. It is that simple. Unfortunately the marketing of unhealthy junk food is so powerful that people in the end ending up eating up

unhealthy food though government can take initiative in taxing junk food at higher rate which can be a good step in this direction.

Issued in public interest by Obesity Campaign UK.


Subodh Gupta is celebrity yoga trainer and holistic health consultant based in London.


Yoga and meditation can help Valerie Harper fight cancer - Subodh Gupta

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Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer are rising exponentially in the western nations. In United States cancer accounts for nearly one-quarter of deaths exceeded only by heart diseases. One in four (26%) of all deaths in the UK are caused by cancer.

Last year Valerie Harper was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. People magazine reported that her doctors gave her as little as three months to live. However in August, Harper's doctor revealed that her condition was showing marked improvement. "I feel much better," she told People in September. "And my brain scans are looking better too.

According to Scientists, they have found evidence that meditation has a biological effect on the body. Study suggests it could boost parts of the brain and the immune system.

Most diseases stem from the discord between mind and body. Regular practice of meditation bring body, mind, emotions and spirit into harmony.

Similarly in an another study showing the positive effect on yoga on cancer survivors,  Ohio State University did research on 200 women who had survived cancer of varying degrees of severity. After three months of yoga classes, fatigue was an average of 57 per cent lower in attendees, the Journal of Clinical Oncology reports.

According to celebrity trainer and consultant Subodh Gupta,  “ Yoga and meditation can help Valerie Harper tremendously to fight cancer even more effectively as it strengthen the immune system apart from reducing stress and making person more positive.” He added “One must be conscious of the food one is eating  because our body is made up of the food which we eat and if we are eating healthy food then we should not have more than 50 % death from heart and cancer diseases alone."

Issued in public interest by Obesity Campaign UK.


Two Million Britons can benefit from Meditation instead of weight loss surgery | Subodh Gupta

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Celebrity yoga trainer and holistic health consultant Subodh Gupta said that two Million Britons can benefit from Meditation instead of weight loss surgery in reference to the recent reports  which suggest Two million Britons could benefits from weight loss surgery.


According to the latest news up to two million Britons could be eligible and benefit from weight loss surgery. Researchers from Imperial College London estimated that more than 5% of the adult population would qualify for it -more than 2.1 million people and this could results in NHS UK ending up with a bill of around £16 billion.


According to NHS UK guidelines, weight loss surgery may be offered to those where possibilities of morbid obesity could kill them, or to people who are morbidly obese and who have a serious condition such as type 2 diabetes that may be improved if they lost weight.

However the whole concept of weight loss surgery to control uneven eating pattern of people is misplaced. All these news about weight loss surgery benefits is simply to serve the benefits of the associated industry which is not needed in the first place.

It is important to look at the root issue, which is causing the obesity in the first place. Most people become obese because of overeating and most overeat because of depression or boredom or to taking care of emotional stress. However if we look more deeply the roots of all issues lies in the weakness of mind.

If only people mind are stronger they can easily resist the temptation of unhealthy food and come out of obesity problem and of course nations around the world can get rid of this problem and save the money which can be used for other useful purposes.


Our mind can be stronger with the help of regular meditation and not only that meditation is also free with absolutely no side effects.


Issued in public interest by celebrity yoga trainer and holistic health consultant Subodh Gupta.



£1000 fat suit to help Peterborough hospital to deal with obese patients

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As the number of obese people in the UK has almost doubled over the past 20 years, Peterborough city hospital helping its staff with £1000 suits to understand how to deal with obese patients.

The £1,000 suit was bought by the hospital using funds raised by Friends of Peterborough City Hospital charity. The bariatric training suit weighs around 13lbs (6kg) and is padded out to give the

wearer the dimensions of a 40 stone person without the weight. It has extra padding and can leave the wearer unable to sit up and walk properly.

Obesity Campaign UK believe that it's a good idea and help for the hospital staff because by wearing it they can better understand how a heavier patient feel and in addition training can helps them to

understand obese patient needs better in order to make them feel more comfortable without the staff them self getting the injury. More than 25% of adults in England are obese and around 41 per cent

of men and 33 per cent of woman are classed as overweight. The £1,000 suit has been bought from the American branch of Sunflower Medical.


Subodh Gupta is the author of the book "7 habits of skinny women". To connect with Subodh Gupta on Google + account

More about him at http://www.celebrity-personal-trainer.co.uk/about-us/


Yoga can help control Dementia Celebrity Trainer Subodh Gupta

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Dementia is a loss of cognitive ability beyond what might be expected from normal aging.  Dementia is not only a problem of memory but it also reduces the ability to learn, retain or recall past experience and there is also loss of feelings.

Dementia seriously influence the quality of life and UK govt has already said it aims that it will double its annual research funding to £132m by 2025 as the global number of dementia sufferers is expected to treble to 135m by 2050.


It costs the world billions of dollars around £370bn ($604bn) in 2010, according to the World Health Organization and there is growing concern that many countries will not be able to cope with the growing burden of dementia.


However the good news is "thousands of year old simple gentle yoga exercises along with health life style can not only cut the Dementia risk but can also successfully control and prevent it and that too without any expenses" said celebrity trainer Subodh Gupta.

He added "What we need is proactive approach, ie. prevention better than cure. The whole medicine system nowadays is focussed on curing. It is never too late and yoga need not to be rigorous. One can start even with walking which is good enough. Now there might be some people who might find walking difficult, they can try gentle hatha yoga exercises which can be done while sitting on the chair and can help in joints movement and blood circulations."

Issues in public interest by Obesity Campaign UK.

Subodh Gupta is the author of the book “Stress Management a Holistic Approach”.

He has been interviewed by various TV channels and his views and articles has appeared in magazines and newspapers such as Telegraph UK, Times UK, Marie Clare, The Economics Times, London Paper, etc. in India and the UK.

Subodh Gupta is based in London and conducts yoga and stress counselling sessions for celebrities and corporate organizations.


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