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Dancing hobby is the best way to fight obesity

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The Obesity epidemic is spreading all over the world and the major reason is junk food and stale lifestyle. Apart from the new year resolution which generally last for a month or so, often it is difficult to motivate oneself on the regular ongoing basis.

It is very difficult to change our own habit unless we enjoy doing that and not everybody like working with the machines in gym. This is where dancing hobby comes into the picture. Almost everybody loves dancing though style of dancing may differ, however, that doesn't matter as long as your body is moving, you are burning calories and activating your metabolism.

In addition dancing music also uplifts the mood which makes dancing perhaps the best way to lose weight and fight obesity.

An hour of dancing is said to burn a minimum of 400 calories, in addition to other benefits such as improved cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure among many others.

The Scottish TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has undergone a significant body transformation and she credit her toned physique to new found love of dance aerobics.

Similarly women in Kenya, turn their TV set on to watch Slimpossible and cheering on the weight loss efforts of dozens of women.

You may try Zumba or Belle dancing or hip hop or if everything fails why not try yourself with Bollywood dancing.

Following are the superhit songs of Bollywood on which you can't stop yourself from dancing.

Tu Dua Hai Dua OK Jaanu Video Song Shraddha Kapoor Aditya Roy Kapur

All you need is to find a dancing style you love performing and join the dance classes.

Arts for India charity founder Satish Modi talks about life and death

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Arts for India charity founder Shri Satish Modi talks about charity, life & his book — In Love With Death in exclusive interview with Subodh Gupta

Arts for India charity founder Satish Modi

(Q) Rarely it is seen that Non Resident Indians like yourself actually doing some charitable work for underprivileged children in India. Your thoughts on this subject?

I think worldwide if only people are charitable, the poverty will vanish. It is very important that people who have been given more by the almighty must realise that their wealth will not go with them but their good deeds will when they die so good deeds must be done. When we say charity it is philanthropy to change the life of a poor person who has no means and I have taken education as the main theme because if you educate a person and then put a career in front of that person, it is a life changer for a under privileged child.

(Q) You are running many philanthropic projects such as Arts for India Charity. What is your vision for the humanity?

Everybody should get a fair chance in life and everybody should be given a chance to show their true worth and that is the vision for Arts for India Charity where we are providing free education, food living and everything to aspiring students and if you don’t have money in India, you can’t be educated. We are also doing global charity Arts for India where we are promoting arts fashion and cinema globally with our global offices.

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(Q) What life means to you?

Life is a journey for me. I am quite aware of the fact that one day I will be no more in this world. So when it is a journey you must enjoy it and live humbly and remember everybody gets ups and down in life and there is not a single person who don’t get ups and down. However when you come across a phase in your life which is difficult, remember that it will also pass away and don’t live life in bitterness but in gratitude.

(Q) Important lessons in your life which help you to improve as a person.

Live in gratitude and not in bitterness because if you live in bitterness than all those years are gone. Also you have to understand that nobody in this world have everything. Enjoy what you have in life for example if you have good health that is also a wealth. (Q) How did you fall “in love with death” title for your book? I got these thoughts in my dreams, which were sent to me by a very elderly holy person from Japan whom I happened to meet when she came with the Japanese prime minister in 2005. She recognised me from previous life and she invited me to Tokyo and taken to Kyoto where I was given a huge reception and when I was leaving she said she would communicate with me through dreams but unfortunately she died when she was 102.

(Q) You have written in your book that money can’t buy happiness. Your thoughts.

I have interviewed all the lottery winners who won above £10million prize and you would be surprised to know that almost all of them were unhappy afterwards. It looks like they were happy but have problems such as divorces, fighting with parents/children etc. Money is important but it is the excess which create issues. For example you may say that I like cup of coffee but if you are asked to have 20 cup of coffee, you would end up in hospital. From time immemorial, all kingdoms have fight, all business families have fights because nobody said I have enough. Money can also break relationship unless use properly.

(Q) You have mentioned in your book that, to have money is to be ultimately lonely. Why this view?

It is said that it is lonely at top. When I am talking about money, I am talking about big money. The first billionaire in this world was Howard Hughes who was very lonely in his later years and cynical. You can’t really build real relationship as you feel everybody in your life is because of your money. In life you have to be humble and money doesn’t allow you to be humble. So it has its adverse effect. (Q) You have mentioned in your book that whatever time is left in our life, one should spend wisely on those things which matters, so what things matter to Shri Satish Modi? As I have said, live meaningful and die peaceful. It is important to understand that you are here for a limited number of years and not for ever. It is important to forgive. For example somebody said I can’t forget this person but once you die what you will do? Will you become ghost and come back (laugh).

(Q) You have said in your book that discussion about death can turns into positive force.

Death is a great equalizer. At death we all become 3.5 kg of dust. There are god ways of equalizing everybody. All things such as money will be left behind at death. So once people remember that we are here for limited years perhaps focus can be shifted on good deeds, bigger things and purifying soul. Once I met mother Teresa and I asked her how she become mother, and she said that “one day when I came back from teaching there was a beggar outside of my house however I couldn’t save him and he was also suffering from leprosy and I saw Jesus in him. So next day I shifted to leprosy colony and dedicate my life for mankind”, so you don’t have to be very rich and powerful to be a winner in this world.

(Q) If you have to describe yourself in 3 words, what will those 3 words be?

I am nobody, nobody, nobody!!! (point is to be humble and not have ego)

(Q) What young generation needs to do to motivate themself?

You can only have authority on work and not on the results as written in Gita. So my suggestion is put your best effort and don’t do acts which you regret.


Meditation is the solution for Kate Middleton Mental health campaign

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Subodh GuptaMeditation is the only and best possible proactive solution for all kinds of mental health issues according to celebrity yoga instructor Subodh Gupta.

Recently, Kate Middleton, patron of children's mental health charity, backs the campaign to raise awareness of an issue as it is identified that one in three adults admitted they would be embarrassed to seek help, which is a good step by the Duchess according to Subodh Gupta, however, he said that it is not an effective solution.

He added, "most of the solutions by the so-called mental health expert don’t help permanently or don’t help effectively because they are trying to tackle the problem only at the surface level. However, the problem lies much deeper level in the mind. When the problem appears on the surface level it is already too late.

Subodh gave example - everybody knows that most crime happens when people lost the control of their mind and people knows that they shouldn’t be angry however when the anger starts at the deeper level of mind people don’t realize it and by the time it appears on the surface it is too late and often people repent at later stage.

Mental impurities such as anger, anxiety, depression are examples of mental defilement which are lying at the deeper level of mind like a sleeping volcano and modern days counseling are only temporary cure instead of a permanent solution.

However, meditation according to Subodh is a free practice, on the other hand, can not only help to prevent almost every mental health issue but also helps in reduced blood pressure, lower pulse rate, and increased concentration levels.

The Duchess, patron of children's mental health charity, backs campaign to raise awareness of the issue .

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge "feel very strongly" about getting expert mental health support for their children if they needed it.

The Duchess Kate Middleton, who works to raise awareness of mental health issues, said: “One in three adults still say they would be embarrassed to seek help for their child’s mental health.

“No parent would fail to call the doctor if their child developed a fever, yet some children are tackling tough times without the support that can help them because the adults in their life are scared to ask. It doesn’t need to be like this.


Article source

Meditation is the best mental health support solution


Mindfulness 10 min session with Celebrity Instructor Subodh Gupta

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Mindfulness 10 minutes practice session to make mind stronger and lose weight

Mindfulness session with Subodh Gupta

Most often people are not able to lose weight because they have no control over their mind.

For example, most people knows that morning walk is good for health but how many people actually goes for the morning walk.

Similarly, people who smoke knows perfectly well that smoking is injurious to health but still smoke because they lack the control over their own mind so in order to lose weight it is extremely important to learn how to control our mind and one can begin with just 10 minutes regular mindfulness meditation session.

Our state of mind directly affects our body function, health, and our productivity.

As we do regular exercise to keep our body healthy, similarly we need to do regular mental exercise to keep our mind healthy.


Mindfulness session instructions:

To begin with: Sit straight and cross leg position (if you feel uncomfortable with cross leg position, you can also sit on the chair but try to keep your back and neck straight).

Now close your eyes and concentrate your mind on the tip of your nostril area and just be aware of your breath.

Point to remember is that we don’t have to control the breath but just observe the natural breath as it is.

In the end of 10 minutes meditation, always generate positive thoughts such as let everybody be healthy, let everybody be peaceful and happy.

It is the law of nature whatever we sow so shall we reap and we get the return after multiplying.

For example, if you plant one seed in the ground, what you get back in return is one full tree with thousands of those seeds. So if you plant peaceful and happy thoughts, so that’s what you get back in your life.

Mindfulness Meditation session with Celebrity Instructor Subodh Gupta


Corinthia Hotel London hosted Mental Resilience Event

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Corinthia Hotel in association with London Press Club hosted Mental Resilience Event in London on the 20th July 2016.

Corinthia Hotel hosted Mental Resilience Event
















The event was hosted and facilitated by by Fiona Harris, PR Director of Corinthia Hotel Worldwide based in London.

Journalists are generally under intense pressure because of tight deadlines; accountability and exposure; instant online feedback, etc.  Coupled with these demands is the expectation to be creative, grow audience and readership, and attract advertisers in an uncertain industry with increasing public scrutiny.

This requires huge mental resilience; the ability to resist the effects of stress.

Doug Wills, Chairman of the London Press Club and Managing Editor of the London Evening Standard said: “Journalism is a stressful job in an industry undergoing major change. Journalists play a hugely important role in society – keeping business and government accountable, at the same time as providing up-to-date, accurate news.

The Corinthia Hotel London turns out be the ideal partner on this project since the hotel’s award-winning ESPA Life is the first UK spa to launch a six unique mindfulness therapies (ESPA Mindful Massage, ESPA Mindful Facial, Mindful Breathing & Meditation, Mindful Sleep, and two Mindful Fitness sessions).

Conditions for applicants

It is important that the study is rigorous and scientifically credible. Applicants will therefore need to fulfill certain criteria in order to take part in the study.

These include:


* No use of regular medication for depression or anxiety such as Prozac, Citalopram or Beta blockers


* No pre-existing medical conditions related to the brain


* No pre-existing heart condition, irregular heart beats or cardiac medication such as blood pressure tablets and diabetes


* Not pregnant


* Consent for their data to be used anonymously as part of the results


* Consent to be interviewed as a case study example for any media coverage (opt-out possible under some circumstances)

Fiona Harris from Corinthia Hotel London hosted Mental Resilience Event



FREE £99 Meditation course by celebrity yoga instructor

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FREE £99 Meditation course by celebrity yoga instructor Subodh Gupta

Subodh Gupta



If you thinking of starting meditation practice, you can avail a golden opportunity


as the Celebrity Yoga Instructor Subodh Gupta has launched his Online Meditation course worth £99


with the help of Video lecture absolutely free for all, for a short time, with absolutely


no string attached.




Now you can practice meditation in the comfort of your home anytime convenient to you.


According to Subodh Gupta, meditation session is also helpful in



  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing weight
  • Improving concentration and brain power
  • Improving positivity in life




You can register at:


Your Voucher code is: behappymindfulness2016


Other benefits of meditation:

In the April 2004 issue of the American Journal of Hypertension, Dr. Barnes and his colleagues reported that 15 minutes  of twice-daily transcendental meditation

steadily lowered the blood pressure of 156 black, inner-city adolescents and their pressures tended to stay lower.


This new study, being presented during the 63rd Annual Scientific Conference of the American Psychosomatic Society  held March 2-5 in Vancouver, focused on 111 of those

adolescents, 57 who meditated and 54 controls.


(a) Meditation is good for the brain

According to scientists, there is evidence that suggests that meditation can boost parts of the brain and the immune system.


(b) Meditation for stress management

(c) Meditation can help maintain calm in any situation depending upon the progress.

(d) Meditation develops intuition; a capacity to understand and foresee.

(e) Regular practice of meditation will certainly make the will power of the practitioner stronger.

When the mind is stronger you can achieve what you want from life and stay peaceful and happy.



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