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Dancing hobby is the best way to fight obesity

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The Obesity epidemic is spreading all over the world and the major reason is junk food and stale lifestyle. Apart from the new year resolution which generally last for a month or so, often it is difficult to motivate oneself on the regular ongoing basis.

It is very difficult to change our own habit unless we enjoy doing that and not everybody like working with the machines in gym. This is where dancing hobby comes into the picture. Almost everybody loves dancing though style of dancing may differ, however, that doesn't matter as long as your body is moving, you are burning calories and activating your metabolism.

In addition dancing music also uplifts the mood which makes dancing perhaps the best way to lose weight and fight obesity.

An hour of dancing is said to burn a minimum of 400 calories, in addition to other benefits such as improved cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure among many others.

The Scottish TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has undergone a significant body transformation and she credit her toned physique to new found love of dance aerobics.

Similarly women in Kenya, turn their TV set on to watch Slimpossible and cheering on the weight loss efforts of dozens of women.

You may try Zumba or Belle dancing or hip hop or if everything fails why not try yourself with Bollywood dancing.

Following are the superhit songs of Bollywood on which you can't stop yourself from dancing.

Tu Dua Hai Dua OK Jaanu Video Song Shraddha Kapoor Aditya Roy Kapur

All you need is to find a dancing style you love performing and join the dance classes.


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