Obesity Campaign UK

Campaign to stay healthy and get fit and its free

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Changing lifestyle is a real challenge and it is easier to do it with the right emotional help and motivation. In this mission we welcome like minded organizations who would like to go along with us in this journey.


 We welcome

Charities involved in obesity reduction in the UK
Media organizations
Fitness Clubs 
Organizations interested in funding the obesity campaign project

 Click here to contact us for more details or simply give us a call at 07966275913

Our supporters

Miss universe Amelia Vega supports obesity campaign uk      Supermodel Carrie Minter Lagree supports obesity campaign uk    Supermodel Kim Alexis supports obesity campaign uk    Actress Suzi Lorraine supports obesity campaign uk

Amelia Vega                  Carrie Minter Lagree             Kim Alexis                  Suzi Lorraine

(Miss Universe)             (Supermodel)                    (Supermodel)                    (Actress)  

Social enterprise Social enterprise working for the community and running around 70 leisure centers across the the London provided free venue for obesity campaign uk workshop to promote healthy life style.





How many glasses of water do you drink per day?

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How many portions of fruits and vegetables you eat per day?