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Interview Supermodel & Actress Carrie Minter Lagree on Obesity and Losing Weight

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In an exclusive interview with Obesity Campaign UK, Supermodel and Actress Carrie Minter Lagree reveals her diet and exercise routine and advises on how to get rid of obesity.

Carrie Minter Lagree

Carrie Lagree is an exotic mix of Scandinavian, Cherokee Indian, Irish, English, German, and Dutch. Her face has graced countless national campaigns, magazines, and billboards for the likes of Maxim, Harley Davidson, Seventeen, People Australia, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Dreamgirl, Women's Wear Daily, Playboy, Apparel News, and many others.

Carrie has modeled runway looks from Versace and Valentino, and has had co-starring roles and been featured in many television series and movies.

Tell us about yourself as a person?

As a person I'd like to think I am positive, carefree, driven, sensitive, bubbly, very big hearted, and very much a girlie-girl.

How did you get started in modelling?

I got started in modeling when I was 15 years old.  My Mother took me to a modeling competition and I ended up getting called back by 6 different agencies (Ford, Elite, and so on).  We decided to go with Elite at that time.  I have been modeling off and on for over a decade now. 

Which of your role in TV series and movies you liked most and why?

The role I liked the most in a TV series or movie I appeared in was when I was cast as "Zoya Petrovna" on TNT's popular series, "The Closer".  I played a teenage prostitue who gets murdered. "The Closer" is an amazing award winning show with a great team and I felt very comfortable. I made some great friends and had a wonderful time shooting.  I adored working with Kira Sedgwick.

In the movie, "Datenight" I participate in a funny scene in a sexy nightclub with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, and you'll just have to watch the movie and see if you can spot me. :)

How do you keep yourself in top shape?

I keep myself in top shape by working out at my husband's studio, Pilates Plus/SPX Fitness 1-2 times a week.  I workout there in a 40 minute class and it kicks my butt!  I also enjoy doing power yoga as well. I love to go swimming!!  We just moved to a new house with a pool and I have been in it A LOT this summer!  I try to get some cardio in on my elliptical trainer.  I enjoy staying active; sometimes it is hard with my busy schedule but I really try my best.  When I have time off I try to walk as much as I can instead of driving.  I'll walk to do my errands, walk to the local mall, to meet my husband for lunch, etc.

Please tell us about your normal diet (eg. generally  what do you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner).

For my diet I try hard not to deprive myself of anything.  If I'm craving ice cream or chocolate I'll have a couple bites, but I won't eat the whole pint. I  like to eat a big breakfast in the morning.  Toast with honey, milk, coffee.  Eggs, sausage, oatmeal, fruit.  Pancakes are my favorite!  An example of what I ate today would be: (and this is just one day, every day is different, but I do really try to eat healthy even though it can be hard)

1) Breakfast- 2 slices of bread off of a toasted french baguette with organic raw honey, milk and coffee.
2) Lunch- I splurged today and ate bow-tie pasta with salmon and asparagus with a pink vodka sauce, and I drank an iced tea.
3) Dinner- My husband and I shared ahi tuna tartar and a spicy lobster vegetable roll (wrapped in seaweed not rice) as well as a seaweed salad.
4) I drink A TON of water every day. 

I always have a couple water bottles with me in the car since I am always on the go and I usually have at least 2 glasses of water with each meal.  If I drink coffee or have alcohol I ALWAYS have extra water.  I have to be hydrated. I love a nice, smooth red wine and like to have a glass or 2 a couple times a week, either with dinner or at home when I'm relaxing watching television or answering emails at my computer.  My favorite foods to snack on are fruits- grapes, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, etc... I eat them a lot for dessert too.  I eat sushi at least once or twice a week and pasta is my weakness.

Tell us about your exercise routine.

My exercise routine is basically just what I stated before.  I'd like to see myself exercising everyday but with my busy schedule it's not a reality.  I do make time for it though a few times a week with whichever form of workout I choose (SPX Fitness, Yoga, Swimming, Gym, etc..). 

How do you motivate yourself to eat healthy in daily life?

I motivate myself to eat healthy in life because it's part of my job and also because eating healthy makes me feel good about myself.  You know  sometimes when you eat too many sweets or not enough vegetables you start getting moody or feeling depressed?  At least I know that has happened to me! Eating healthy makes me feel good and feel that I am taking care of my body.  It's the only body I've got.

Would you agree with the motto of the New Obesity Campaign UK that states:  “Plant based food & active lifestyle is essential for perfect 
body weight”?

I do agree with the motto of the New Obesity Campaign UK!!

Your message for our obesity campaign readers - “How to lose weight and get rid of obesity”.

My message to lose weight and get rid of obesity would be to give yourself time.  It's not going to happen overnight.  I have been overweight before and it does take time, patience and positive energy to lose the weight.  Set goals for yourself.  Maybe get a friend to help motivate you.  Get active and don't be afraid to try something new. 

Take that new dance class everyone is talking about, use the stairs from now on instead of the elevator, skip the cocktails and have a glass of wine  instead.  And don't give up!! You can do it!!  Have faith and believe in yourself that you can reach a healthy weight!  Get rid of any negative influences. I've been there so I know what it can be like. The more people that put me down about my weight and made comments only made it worse if I let it get to me. I had to tune out the negativity and surround myself with positive people that believed in me and made me feel good about myself. 

Always belive in yourself and that there is nothing you can't be, do, or have.
For more information about Carrie Minter Lagree http://www.CarrieLagree.com



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